Central India College Of Nursing
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Address: GE Road, Dewada Chowk, Kopedih Road, Dewada, Rajnandgaon (C.G.)
The Society

Dr. Ramlakhan Gupta Foundation is a society registered under Chhattisgarh Society Registration Act. 1973 ( 44 )

Member of Society

Are first Family members and are designated as follows.

  • Dr. Ramlakhan Gupta MBBS, MD (Pead) President Private practitioner past 54 year in Durg City
  • Dr. Praful Gupta MBBS Secretary Private practitioner past 18 year in Durg City
  • Dr. Pramod Gupta MBBS, DNB (Psychiatrist) Vice President Private Practitioner post 14 year in Durg City
  • Dr. Prashant Gupta BDS (Dentist) Joint Secretary
  • Director :Central India Institute of Mental Health & Neuro Science (web. ciimhans.com)