Central India College Of Nursing
Admission Open
Address: GE Road, Dewada Chowk, Kopedih Road, Dewada, Rajnandgaon (C.G.)
Hostel & Mess Rules
  • Each resident is required to keep their rooms clean & highly to conduct themselves in such a way that common area such as dining room, sitting room, bathrooms & toilets are also kept clean & in good order. All residents are expected to contribute for creation of homely atmosphere.
  • Clothes are only to be washed in bathroom.
  • All residents will be held responsible for the care of hostel property such as room furniture provided for their use. Furniture must not be removed from rooms. Any breakage & damage must be promptly reported to the hostel warden. Repair cost may be recovered from the residents.
  • The college authority will be responsible for the safety of residents property including valuables.
  • The college authority/Principal reserve the right to enter & search residents room without notice but in their presence.
  • No additional electrical appliances are permitted in the rooms. Light & Fan switched off when not in use.
  • All the students are required to join the mess.
  • The meal time will be adjusted to classes or duty hours.
Please Read Carefully
  • University Enrolment fee, Eligibility & Examination fees shall have to pay separately. College dress charges extra as requires by college.
  • The college reserves the rights to make additions or alterations of the existing rules, working hours time table, fee structure and mode of training as may be deemed necessary from time to time.
  • Any disputes arising out of admission, dismissal, discontinuation shall be subject to the jurisdiction of Drug Court.
  • Parents of the student can appoint local guardian. In the case of appointment of local guardian his entire personal guardian his entire personal bio-data along with, photograph shall have to be submitted. On the request of local guardian the student is allowed to go out of hostel, the responsibility would be as the parents who appoint the local guardian.
  • Parents or local guardian, will be allowed to meet the students at the permissible days and time.
  • Hostel/Mess fee is to be deposited in the first week of every month. Falling which late fee will be charged.
  • Interest @ 10% will be charged on any outstanding amount of the college fees after 2 months of admission.