Central India College Of Nursing
Admission Open
Address: GE Road, Dewada Chowk, Kopedih Road, Dewada, Rajnandgaon (C.G.)
Our Vision
  • To be the Centre of Excellence in the Medical Nursing and allied Health Sciences Education in the region.
Our Mission
  • To be committed to the delivery of education of the highest quality with emphasis on the hands on training.
  • To produce competent and highly skilled health care professionals through qualified, dedicated and experienced teachers.
  • To provide state of art facility to ensure the desired standards in education.
  • To be internationally recognized as one of the best Medical Nursing and Allied Health Sciences Colleges.

“To make Challenging, innovation caring nurses”

  • To further increase or membership and raise awareness among all Nurses of the key professional issues affecting nursing in India today.
On completion B.Sc. Nursing degree the candidate will be able to.
  • Provide Nursing care based on steps of nursing process in collaboration with the individuals & groups.
  • Demonstrate critical thinking skill in making decision in all situation in order to provide quality care.
  • Utilise the latest art & technology in the field of health care & education.
  • Demonstrate the skill in individuals and groups in clinical / community health settings.
  • the understanding of life style and other factors, which effects health of individuals and groups.
  • To promote the prospective study of nursing & problems with a view to generate new prospective & adopt innovative approach to deal with problems encountered in nursing & health field.
  • To maintain a centre of excellence for the studies in nursing.
  • To upgrade society economic conditions & self confidence of females with the Nursing programmes.